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Cascina Ebreo
Piemonte, ITALY

1993 Peter and Romy burned all the boats and moved south with horses, dogs and cats. It was the end of March and the 200 years old house in Novello had to be rebuilt, cellars had to be added. At the same time they had to replant the vineyards because these were an awful jungle, and hadn’t been worked for seven years. One wasn’t even able to find the Nebbiolo plants. It was quite sad to see how the excavators rooted out the old knobby vines, which had brought good wines for so many years. But doing this, there were also advantages: the new farmers would grew with their wines and learned how to treat the plants and how hard the work in the vineyard really was!  Already at the beginning of the story, Peter had the “picture” of his future wine exactly in his mind. He would produce a great Barolo, and a very typical Barbera of a region which was known for great Barberas since hundred of years. Further he would make an experiment: some Sauvignons and Semillons would produce a powerful white wine. From the beginning until now Peters challenges were the vineyards and the cellars, while Romy was running around building sites, calling after architects, plumbers, joiners and running from one Italian burocracy to the next. Afterwards she was working in the vineyards like all the other women in the region. So the years were passing by with hard work and no financial returns until in 1996 finally their first wine was in the bottles. They were exactly where they wished!

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