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Feudi di San Gregorio
Campagna, ITALY


Every wine speaks of the hills from where it originated, it tells stories of the people who created it generation after generation. The FeudiStudi wines descend from our aspiration to share these stories, stories reflected in Pierpaolo Sirch’s uncompromising wine making and ageing choices, stories about the richness of our most expressive vineyards, selected every year among our 700 vineyards depending on the vintage. Thanks to this practice, year after year we produce unique limited edition wines (about 2.000 bottles) that are not sold through traditional channels. For this line of production we chose an exclusive bottle, a re-edition of the first Bordolesi of the 17th century, and started with two iconic Fiano vineyards. In the years that followed, we also identified other Greco and Aglianico vineyards that could be integrated in this project.

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