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Piemonte, ITALY

Over the years, the passion that binds the Garesio family to wine transformed into a constant, painstaking research of the most favourable places for vine cultivation. Since 2010, the family has acquired approximately 12 hectares of land in Incisa Scapaccino, in Monferrato and in Serralunga d’Alba, the heart of Barolo Langhe.We manage the vineyard according to a rational, non-invasive philosophy – the least possible intervention, only when necessary, and applied row by row, plant by plant if needed. Our high regard for the Serralunga d’Alba vineyards led us to choose an even more environmentally-friendly system: we conduct organic farming practices, without the use of chemical products. Along with the vineyard research, we have undertaken the job of renovating and upgrading the old farmstead in Serralunga d’Alba. The renovation and upgrading process will bring about a transformation, from cellar to a complex of great charm.

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