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Morra Gabriele

Piemonte, ITALY


The farm was born from a wish that matured over the years, to be able to produce great wines from old vines through our passion, the knowledge in the world of wine and the practice of biodynamics. In order to reach this objective, the pruning and the working of the ground are looked into according to lunar phases; phytosanitary defense is entrusted solely to the use of copper, sulphur and natural infusions. The autumn green manures composed of legumes, wheat and cruciferous (mustard) allow us to enrich the soil with natural organic substance and increase biodiversity by favoring the presence of useful insects. All this is done to succeed in bringing the healthy bunches to maturation and to allow a vinification totally free of corrective and chemical products. Fermentation is spontaneous; the wine ages, depending on the type, in steel tank or in oak for months; bottling takes place without filtration or stabilization. “Not doing” is quite as powerful as “doing”.

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