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(Martini&Sohn) Cuvee Coldirus 2015

-Alto Adige, Italy

-K.Martini & Sohn


CUVÉE LAGREIN-CABERNET-MERLOT COLDIRUSis garnet to dark garnet in colour, with a nose reminiscent of violets and blackberries, tobacco and cedar. On the palate it is fullbodied, velvety and complex flavour of chocolate and dried fruits.

(Martini&Sohn) Cuvee Coldirus 2015

  • Goes well with: With game, red meat and piquant cheeses.

    Served: At room temperature, 18° - 20°C

    Grape variety: 40% Lagrein, 40% Cabernet, 20% Merlot

    Cultivation area/soil/climate: Bolzano – Gries, Appiano - Monte

    Breeding/growing system: guyot

    Yield: 70 hl/ha

    Winemaking:  in small oak barrels (barriques)

    Cellaring: 3 - 10 years

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