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(Domaine Ghislain Kohut) Gevrey Chambertin 2020

- Burgundy, France 

- Domaine Ghislain Kohut


In the spark of youth, this wine has a bright ruby color that, with age, takes on dark carmine and black cherry tints. Gevrey’s characteristic aromas of strawberry, blackberry, violet, common mignonette flower, and rose gain further complexity with age as they are joined by a bouquet of licorice, leather, and fur, with undergrowth and gamey accents.


Producer advice
Called a “wine for carnivores” this red wine offers up a beautiful structure that perfectly accompanies game cooked in a sauce, prime rib, or strong cheeses (such as the famous Époisses)!


(Domaine Ghislain Kohut) Gevrey Chambertin 2020

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