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(Il Borro) Bolle di Borro Classic Method Rosé 2014

-Tuscany, Italy

-Il Borro


100% Sangiovese


The particularity of the Bolle di Borro, starting from the 2012 vintage, was that of rising on the lees for 60 months. The Sangiovese demonstrates its elegance, the perlage is fine and persistent. The nose is rich, crunchy, with notes of bread crust and fruit; recalls the acidic freshness of Sangiovese. In the mouth, it has a creamy, enveloping, silky texture, with an acidic, juicy vein, also typical of Sangiovese” (Stefano Chioccioli, Il Borro's wine consultant).


The ideal way to fully savor Bolle di Borro is at a temperature of 10/12 degrees in large glasses, as an aperitif or throughout the meal, with refined and structured dishes of land and sea.

(Il Borro) Bolle di Borro Classic Method Rosé 2014

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