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(Sirch) Friulano 2020

- Friuli, Italy

- Sirch



Elegant and drinkable, it has a strong personality, a harmonious fruity and mineral complexity and reveals a characteristic bitter almond aftertaste. Friulano is Friuli Venezia Giulia’s best-loved wine: it derives from Sauvignonasse, a grape now almost extinct, brought to Friuli in the second half of the 19th century from the Bordeaux region. In 1898, it was found as “Tokai del Friuli” in Tarcento, and in 1933 L’Italia vinicola ed agraria, after having tasted it in Cividale, included it among the noble grapes of Friuli, with samples “truly worthy of the superior denomination”. Until 2007, it was known as Tocai Friulano and since then its name has been Friulano.

Organoleptic description
Straw yellow color with light greenish hues.
Delicate, intense and captivating bouquet. Aromas of citrus fruit blend with and are enriched by fruity notes of apricot and pear and floral hints of jasmine, antique rose and chamomile.
All-embracing and complex taste. Notes of ripe Golden apple, dried fruit and vanilla blend with balsamic hints of sage and thyme. The finish has the typical tannic note of almond and citrus.

(Sirch) Friulano 2020

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