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Toscana, ITALY

The strong attachment to the territory has always been an essential part of the work of the winery, based not only on the respect of the surrounding environment but also on the will of improving in terms of technical and cultural evolution and not only overcoming the ideas from the past. Today Tommaso, Marco and Giulio continue the winemaking activity in the name of the family tradition, because everything comes from the family and from the strong link of the Cortonesi family with Montalcino.

The philosophy of the winery has always been characterized by a double paradigm; on one hand the importance of the family history, its own roots and the teachings that have become fundamental principles of the work of the winery: the respect of tradition and the purity of Sangiovese. On the other, the study og the vine-growing and wine-making techniques looking at the future.

Most of the vineyards are located in the north, in the area of La Mannella, where the cellar is, and the remaining part is located in the south-east area, in a place called Poggiarelli. Starting already at the end of the ‘90s Marco understood the importance of working separately the grapes coming from these two different terroirs, to underline their characteristics and peculiarities, to fully show the great potential of the territory of Montalcino.

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