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Domaine Ghislain Kohut
Burgundy, France

Each wine has its own identity: “it is a person in its own right, with its character, its moods”. Thus, Ghislain Kohut raises his wines by respecting them, without disturbing them, and is not under influence. He seeks the identity and authenticity of the wines: at his place, no yeasting or oenological artifice, no filtering, no stirring. His only wish is to present local wines in their best days! When he declines certain appellations in localities, he vinifies them in a scrupulously identical way, and he makes sure to bottle them the same day, to truly prove by mouth the identity, the character of each terroir; this is the case with Marsannay “Champ Perdrix” and Marsannay “Les Genelières”.


Ghislain constantly questions himself: "it's the eternal search for the Holy Grail, with a concern for excellence". Note, compare, ask questions, draw conclusions… Working with time, feeling the seasons and experiencing nature, choosing the right moments!

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