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(Frescobaldi) Grappa di Brunello 700mml

-Tuscany, Italy



Origin: Castel Giocondo estate, in the southern part of the Montalcino territory (Siena).

Wine Variety: Distilled from pomace of Sangiovese taken from the separation from the “vino fiore”, or new wine, destined for the production of Castelgiocondo Brunello di Montalcino.


Tasting notes

The nose offers delicate perfumes, intense and persistent. The flavour is clean, well balanced, harmonic; on the palate it gives sensations of creamy smoothness.


Wine pairing: Ideal distillate at the end of a meal, thay can be enjoyed during the entire evening. Perfect with bitter chocolate.

(Frescobaldi) Grappa di Brunello 700mml

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