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(Frescobaldi) Pomino Pinot Nero 2020

-Tuscany, Italy



Origin: Castello di Pomino, Pomino, Rùfina Wine

Variety: Pinot Noir

Alcohol content: 13%

Maturation: Troncoconic Casks - 15 months in casks and 4 months in bottle


Pomino Pinot Nero 2018 boasts a bright, elegant ruby-red colour and light garnet hues. The bouquet offers aromas of small red and black fruits, including raspberries and wild strawberries, as well as delicate hints of black cherry, blueberry and blackberry. With time, these blend together with delicate spiced notes, including cinnamon, star anise and white pepper. The wood ageing brings out toasted notes and hints of tobacco and coffee. Fresh and mineral in taste, the attack balances well with the alcoholic notes. It is fresh, well-balanced and the taste and smell correspond beautifully. An elegant, velvety wine with silky tannins and along finish.



(Frescobaldi) Pomino Pinot Nero 2020

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