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(Frescobaldi) Ripe al Convento Riserva 2016

-Tuscany, Italy



"On the highest hills of this estate, which has been producing wines since the 1800s, a small Sangiovese vineyard that gives us extraordinary emotions is found. The 450 metre altitude, exposure to the hot afternoon sun, marly soils and bountiful Mediterranean winds give this Brunello Riserva wine tremendous elegance, character and longevity".


Tasting notes Ripe al Convento 2016 boasts a beautifully bright and intense ruby-red colour with garnet hues on the edge. The bouquet is marvellous and elegant in its intensity, with aromas ranging from red and black berries, such as blackcurrant, blueberry, morello cherry and blackberry, to floral and tertiary notes. Gradually, the tertiary aromas take over, with hints of tobacco, black tealeaf, leather and roasted coffee, before delicate spiced notes of nutmeg, black and white pepper round things off. Seamlessly integrated, the tannins are velvety-smooth. The acid-alcohol balance is exquisite. The finish is very long and persistent.

(Frescobaldi) Ripe al Convento Riserva 2016

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