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Fattoria Castelvecchio
Toscana, ITALY

Castelvecchio was one of the oldest and most important possessions of the Cavalcanti family. The name of the property is already from a parchment of 1189, relating to real estate transactions, and in which we speak of Castel Vecchio di Val di Pesa. The Building followed the rather mixed fortunes of the Cavalcanti until, after the outcome of the battle of Monteaperti, it was razed to the ground. In the 15th century, a villa was built on the ruins of the ancient castle. Then left in neglect, it was reduced to a simple farmhouse located in the middle of a thick wood. In 1960 the property was bought and renovated by Renzo Rocchi, giving it an elegant appearance of dignified residence, the cellars were built and the vineyards planted and all began with passion and love of the countryside. of this there are memories from the mid-twelfth century, in pure Romanesque style. The stone emblem placed on the facade accompanies the company logo for many years. Originally it is said that it was the chapel of a small people for several centuries united to that of the beautiful parish church of San Pancrazio which is only 2 km from Castelvecchio.

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