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Castrum Morisci
Marche, ITALY

#Organic certified, Amphora certified

La Marca is where we were born, and it is the land we live in. La Marca, the hills and the sea, the Sibillini and the Apennines, the forest and the countryside. A landscape of unforgettable beauty, difficult to describe. A landscape that draws on its beauty from the fact that its roughness has not been easy to tame and cultivate. Making wine is not easy, it is an art, especially when it is natural. Territory, terracotta, fire and steel are our elements. We want to relive them in our traditions, taking the best and bringing it to today. The farm, deeply organic oriented, extends over 7.5 hectares of vineyards among the rolling hills of the Marche hinterland at the foot of the medieval village of Moresco. (The first winery in the Marche to produce wines with the Braille lable for the blind and partially sighted.)

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